You forget most of what you learn in college, so why do you pain yourselves last minute cramming for something you will immediately forget come summer?

For me, final exams aren’t about the material. Its a glimpse into the real world. You are placed in a setting where everyone around you is smarter than you and studies harder than you. How are you going to adapt?

That’s life. There will always be the kid who aces the finals on the honors class without studying just like how there will always be someone in your office who gets a promotion without ever doing anything. Yet, finals test whether you can ignore what you see today, and keep on searching for the eventual satisfaction at the end of the tunnel; the satisfaction of outperforming someone who is smarter than you and works harder than you, or at least putting up a good fight. Whether you outperform your personal expectations will set the tone for your entire summer.

And besides, never overestimate the competition. You may just have the chance at beating the smart kids in class because they were playing League of Legends instead of studying.

Ah, I’m a smart guy. One more game won’t hurt.