About: Why so cynical?

Greed is good, but cynicism is even better. Is it just me, or are people always too optimistic?

The most common mistake I see people make while trading is: “well, it’s fallen so much, so it’s about time it goes up.” To which I usually reply: “the lowest a stock can go is actually zero.” My financial approach is one completely revolving around due diligence. Good moves only get you slightly ahead in the financial world, but one bad move will send you crashing faster than the Dow in 1929. Good times don’t always follow bad times and good times never go on forever. I hope my blog can make you feel the same way.


4 thoughts on “About: Why so cynical?”

  1. I need to hang out with you IRL. You seem refreshingly both smart and wise.

  2. I envy your work , regards for all the good content .

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