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Smile today to someone on their job. Be it a road worker, a police officer, a server at the restaurant, or someone else. It doesn’t matter. Smile at someone today.

Let’s make a cost benefit analysis:

It costs you, literally nothing to give a smile. You move 17 muscles to flash a smile for a brief moment.

It tremendously helps the economy. You make someone on their job feel so much better when they know they are appreciated. That’s all you need to do to make someone work every so slightly harder for the day. It could turn around their terrible day, and make them reflect your smile back onto other customers. Which makes other customer’s day better, making them reflect their smile onto others, and so on. The day brightens for everyone, and everyone has more motivation to work harder despite the fear of losing their job in such a terrible job market.

The point being, if you exert a very, very small effort everyday for someone on their job, they will work harder, provide you a better product/service, and bring more to the table in terms of GDP growth. Ok, one person being extra productive is a drop in the water for the economy, but if everyone does this, the billions of drops will add up.

So, if you see someone working hard on their job tomorrow, give them a smile.