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RIP, Steve Jobs. All institutional investors love you. You made your company great, and made it a solid place for us to place our money. You were a great leader.

Anyways, the business of grieving for Steve aside, how about how good Steve Jobs is at team building? Jonathan Ive, Tim Cook, Peter Oppenheimer…the list of great people in the company go on.

But, his economists are, in my opinion, the best part of the team. I personally, from an analyst’s perspective, feel as though the iPhone 5 is already ready. Apple isn’t releasing it though, because they only release major upgrades in good economic times. They have minor upgrades (such as the MacBook Air, or iPhone 4S) to keep things up to date.

Apple prepares their products three years in advance. When the iPhone was released, the iPad was already near final production stages. just something admirable for Apple’s economic team. They are very accurate in predicting the macroeconomic situation. That way, the company can maximize revenues from each major upgrade.

New indicator: if Apple is releasing a major upgrade or new upgrade, expect the economy to perform well for the next three months. I will follow this odd proposal of mine and see how it works out.